In this video we use only 2 effects:
1.Valhalla UberMod
2. Valhalla Plate
These effects are used on virtually every track and in many cases both effects are used.
The presets are from:
-Velocity X for Valhalla UberMod
214 Professional Studio Quality Presets
-Pro Plates expansion for Valhalla Plate.
Over 235 professional quality presets.
We demonstrate various different reverb styles and sizes and modulation effects.


Valhalla Room Plate VintageVerb UberMod and Eventide Blackhole

Here are some audio examples of:
Valhalla VintageVerb
Valhalla UberMod
Eventide Blackhole

These FX used on essentially every track.
There are a lot of track

Presets available HERE

Presets used:
-Revolutionary Rooms for ValhallaRoom
-Pro Expansion for Valhalla VintageVerb
-Pro Plates for ValhallaPlate
-Velocity X for Valhalla UberMod
-Extraordinary Spaces for Eventide Blackhole