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Divine Time for Zynaptiq Wormhole
Product Code: Wormhole001A
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Divine Time for Zynaptiq Wormhole

Zynaptiq describes Wormhole as Otherworldly Audio Effects, we have to agree.
With so many unique features such as WARP spectral inversion, pitch-/frequency-shifting, dual lush randomized hall reverbs, dry/wet morphing and more, the possibilities are many.

Divine Time for Zynaptiq Wormhole contains a massive 152 unique and professional quality presets.
The presets range from simple, classic chorus FX to extreme and detailed reverbs you will not find elsewhere.


  • Chorus
  • Drones
  • Guitar Bliss
  • Harmonic Halls
  • Clairvoyant Verbs
  • Ambient Dreams
  • Modulated Plates
  • Haunted Spaces
  • Rooms
  • Studio Verbs
  • Soup Cans
  • Tuned Spaces
  • Warped Worlds
  • Experimental Revebs
  • Falling Worlds
  • Cool Environments
  • Alien Spaces
  • More

If you are looking for unique reverbs as well as highly usable spaces, Divine Time for Zynaptiq Wormhole wont disappoint.