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Professional FX Presets

All expansions are expertly designed and offer the absolute highest quality available.
Our preset expansions are used world-wide by professional musicians and recording studios.
Get a powerful production boost today.

"Pro Studio Verbs" for Acon Digital Verberate Verberate was designed to create highly realistic simulation of real acoustical spaces. With this in mind we created "Pro Studio Verbs" to take advantage of Verberates true stereo processing and unique algorithmic design. "Pro Studio Verbs" contai..
"Production Toolkit" for Valhalla UberMod Valhalla UberMod is a very powerful tool. It offers so many features, it cant be seen simply as a modulation plugin. In fact, it can offer some astounding and complex reverbs only matched by some of the most coveted reverbs. On top of this, it can emul..
Professional Toolkit for U-he Colour Copy Colour Copy is a BBD-style analog delay. BBD stands for bucket-brigade device which were originally developed in 1969. The name comes from a line of people passing buckets of water as a means to transport quantiles of water efficiently. BBD delays..
Refined Space for 2caudio Aether - Now Available SPECIAL BONUS AND DISCOUNT THIS WEEK - limited edition full set of presets for ~ValhallaSpaceModulator Also includes a very special limited edition full set of presets for ~ValhallaSpaceModulator.(This week) 175 Professional Presets for ..
We are very pleased to announce the release of "Revolutionary Rooms Vol.2" for ValhallaRoom. We believe that ValhallaRoom is one of the best sounding reverbs released by ValhallaDSP. These past months we have been working on the release of "Revolutionary Rooms Vol.2". This collection of presets..
Studio ProPak for Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro Due to the considerable requests to release presets for Sandman Pro, we have designed the Studio ProPak. The Studio ProPak contains a whooping 230 presets that cover a broad range of presets from studio "bread and butter", to complex sonic explora..
Time Fabric for Eventide H3000 Factory Eventide is best known for some fantastic hardware used on countless groundbreaking recordings. H3000 Factory plug-in compares very favourably to the original hardware and has tremendous capability to do all kinds of great FX. H3000 Factory includes delays..
True Spaces for Relab VSR S24 The TC Electronic System 6000 is considered one of the best sounding hardware reverbs ever made. It followed some of the classics (lexicon 224Xl, lexcon 480L) yet evolved to the next level of digital reverb. In the world of computer recording, not many of the "emul..
Turbo Boost for B2 Reverb - Preset Expansion for B2 Reverb 175 new presets for 2CAudio B2 Reverb The Categories: Vocal Halls Double Engine Reverbs Hardware Reverbs Low CPU Reverbs Extreme HQ Reverbs Small Spaces Plates Reversed Verbs Classics FX Reverbs Fly Byes ..
Ultra Space for Eventide UltraReverb Eventides UltraReverb is a very special reverb plugin. UltraReverb is capable of deep tweaking more then many of the reverb plugins on the market. Not only does it include 9 high end hardware-based reverb algorithms, stereo delays (pre or post reverb) with t..
Vintage Classic for Valhalla VintageVerb
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"Vintage Classic" for Valhalla VintageVerb Just like Valhalla VintageVerb was inspired by the classic hardware digital reverbs of the 1970s and 1980s, "Vintage Classic" takes that the next step further. "Vintage Classic" is a complete focus on classic reverbs from the era of hardware reverbs. T..
$14.99 $19.98
 Extraordinary Spaces for Eventide Blackhole Blackhole is a very powerful reverb plugin capable of some amazing reverbs. "Extraordinary Spaces" for Eventide Blackhole is a collection of professional presets that take advantage of what Blackhole is capable of. From massive walls of sound to..
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