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2CAudio Reverbs and FX

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"Golden" for 2caudio Breeze 2 For a long time many of us have been looking for a great sounding reverb that offers reasonable CPU usage, Breeze 2 does a good job at both. Completely 64-bit double-precision process end-to-end and AVX-512 optimization makes it efficient. But how does it sound? ..
Refined Space for 2caudio Aether - Now Available SPECIAL BONUS AND DISCOUNT THIS WEEK - limited edition full set of presets for ~ValhallaSpaceModulator Also includes a very special limited edition full set of presets for ~ValhallaSpaceModulator.(This week) 175 Professional Presets for ..
Turbo Boost for B2 Reverb - Preset Expansion for B2 Reverb 175 new presets for 2CAudio B2 Reverb The Categories: Vocal Halls Double Engine Reverbs Hardware Reverbs Low CPU Reverbs Extreme HQ Reverbs Small Spaces Plates Reversed Verbs Classics FX Reverbs Fly Byes ..
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