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"Professional Ambiance" for Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb
-30 %
Professional Ambiance for Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb Over 180 Professional Studio Quality Reverbs for Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb. PhoenixVerb, used by many leading producers and audio engineers. The "Professional Ambiance" Preset collection brings world-class production to your studio..
$13.95 $19.98
224 Historical For UAD Lexicon 224
-20 %
If you own ANY modern reverb, it is likely to have been influenced by the Lexion 224.One of the most iconic reverbs of all time.-"224 Historical" for the UAD Lexicon 224 is not only about this iconic verb but also its historical sound as heard on countless recordings.-This 125 preset library was met..
$15.95 $19.98
MegaBoost for ValhallaDelay
-40 %
MegaBoost for ValhallaDelay(Intro Special - Save on this double sized expansion this week)  ValhallaDelay is a powerful tool.It offers seven different delay modes, five tape styles, pitch shifting, multi-head tape echoes and delays lengths up to 20 seconds. This allows for some awesome ea..
$14.95 $24.98
Reflections For Eventide Spring
-25 %
Reflections For Eventide SpringThere is nothing like Spring Reverb.It has a unique sound easily recognized.Spring reverb was originally invented for use in Hammond Organs in the 1930s.It later showed up in Fender amps and eventually made its way into the recording studio.It became very popular in Du..
$14.95 $19.98
Silver Spring For PSP Nexcellence
-30 %
Silver Spring For PSP NexcellenceNexcellence is a good sounding Spring Reverb Plugin by PSP.We wanted to make the goto library for this fine tool.First, the presets are based on the historical use of spring reverb in the professional studio.We covered considerable territory with 15 categories of spr..
$13.95 $19.98
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