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Pro Presets for Eventide Omnipressor
-25 %
"Pro Presets" for Eventide OmnipressorOver the many years, Eventide has been greatly respected  for top notch studio tools.They offered some of the most classic and ground breaking hardware ever.This included the Omnipressor originally released in 1972.The Omnipressor may look simple enough but..
$14.95 $19.98
SP2016-Classics for Eventide SP2016 Reverb
-50 %
"SP2016-Classics" for Eventide SP2016 ReverbThe SP2016 reverb is one of the true classics.When the hardware was first released in 1982,  it was the first programmable effects box.It has been used on countless classic recordings over the years and still sounds great. "SP2016-Classics" for Eventi..
$9.95 $19.98
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