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Unfiltered Audio Reverbs and FX

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Studio Tool Kit for Fault
-25 %
Studio Tool Kit for Unfiltered Audio Fault Fault is a Stereo Spectral Shifter with some new and exciting capabilities. It can do a wide assortment of nifty effects. With its six completely customizable frequency shift feedback paths, it can do a very wide range of effects from the classic to th..
$14.96 $19.95
Advanced Dynamics Controllers for Zip
-25 %
Advanced Dynamics Controllers For Unfiltered Audio Zip Unfiltered Audio Zip is not your average compressor. It offers some interesting features that enable the user to achieve a broad range of results, some only possible with Zip. Unfiltered Audio’s modulation system offers some unique possibil..
$14.99 $19.98
Dream Delays for Sandman
-25 %
Dream Delays for Unfiltered Audio Sandman Unfiltered Audio describes Sandman as such: "...a wormhole to the dreamtime states of your sounds...." "..gateway to a microcosm of sonic dimensions bordering the absurd..." Well, we tend to agree. Dream Delays goes deep into the capabilit..
$14.99 $19.98
Mix Glitch for Unfiltered Audio SpecOps
-25 %
Mix Glitch for Unfiltered Audio SpecOps We all love cool production. Its all about "Ear Candy".   Often such interesting and complex production techniques are difficult and time consuming. Mix Glitch is a massive expansion for SpecOps.(over 200+ Presets) SpecOp..
$14.99 $19.98
Pro Studio Rack for Unfiltered Audio BYOME
-25 %
Pro Studio Rack for Unfiltered Audio BYOME - Available NOW BYOME stands for "Build Your Own Modular Effect" and includes  over 40 effect modules. This offers a vast variety of combinations. - - In the hands of a professional engineer, the sky is the limit. "Pro Studio Rack" ..
$18.74 $24.98
Studio ProPak for Sandman Pro
-25 %
Studio ProPak for Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro Due to the considerable requests to release presets for Sandman Pro, we have designed the Studio ProPak. The Studio ProPak contains a whooping 230 presets that cover a broad range of presets from studio "bread and butter", to complex sonic explora..
$17.97 $23.96
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