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Mix Glitch for Unfiltered Audio SpecOps

Mix Glitch for Unfiltered Audio SpecOps

We all love cool production.
Its all about "Ear Candy".


Often such interesting and complex production techniques are difficult and time consuming.

Mix Glitch is a massive expansion for SpecOps.(over 200+ Presets)

SpecOps contains 36 spectral effects which split the audio into thousands of frequency slices.
Pitch and frequency shifting and Freeze Fx can be applied to these slices.
SpecOps allows for further processing of these slices allowing for a very wide range of sonic possibility's.

Mix Glitch takes SpecOps to the next level.
The expansion covers a broad range of production possibilities, suitable for all style of music.

The best part is, the hard work is done, simply pick from a massive library of expertly programmed presets (205) and have a blast.