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Advanced Dynamics Controllers for Zip

Advanced Dynamics Controllers For Unfiltered Audio Zip

Unfiltered Audio Zip is not your average compressor.
It offers some interesting features that enable the user to achieve a broad range of results, some only possible with Zip.
Unfiltered Audio’s modulation system offers some unique possibilities.
Zip also does both compression and downward expansion.

"Advanced Dynamics Controllers " is a collection of 130 presets that go DEEP into what Zip is capable of achieving.
The collection is designed to make using Zip super easy.
Simply pick one of the many presets and make adjustments if you like.
The 130 presets cover a very broad range of tools from tightening up a mix, to completely reshaping the dynamics of a track.
To make things super easy, we have focused on specific instruments and usages.

The Categories include:


  • Advanced Dynamics- Mix
  • Drums
  • Guitars
  • Synths
  • Filter Dynamics
  • Mix Limiters
  • Production Tricks
  • New York Advanced Compression
  • Tape Saturation
  • Individual Track Dynamics - Light, Medium, Heavy

Get the most from Unfiltered Audio Zip with ease.