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Velocity X for Valhalla UberMod

Velocity X for Valhalla UberMod

214 Professional Studio Quality Presets.
Deeply exploring UberMod.

Some of the preset styles include:

  • Classic hardware Chorus
  • Analog and digital Flange
  • Syncopated Echoes
  • Various reverbs
  • Chorused spaces
  • Vinyl FX
  • Rooms
  • Twisted Delays
  • Tuned Percussion Verbs
  • Splachers
  • Resonating Reverbs
  • Radio Frequencies
  • Instrument Enhancement
  • Outside the box
  • Hybrid Reverb/Delays
  • Hardware Modulations
  • Guitar Pedals
  • Ensembles
  • Classic Delays
  • Chorus

Velocity X greatly expands the UberMod presets with a professional library suited for all kinds of music and styles.

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