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Power House For Valhalla Shimmer

Power House for Valhalla Shimmer
Over 225+ New Presets
Delivered in four complete preset formats
1. vstpresets
2. fxp
3. tfx
4. aupresets

(Total 900+ Presets)

  •     Delivered in 3 Complete Formats (675 presets)
  •     Large Variety and Styles
  •     Highly Usable Presets
  •     Affordable
  •     Vastly Expands Shimmer
  •     Gorgeous Ambient Reverbs
  •     Broad Range of Styles
  •     Large, Small, Medium and Extra Large Spaces
  •     Experimental Spaces
  •     Eno/Lanois Reverb Reproductions

Note: Please make sure your system can load fxp, vstpresets or aupresets as we cannot refund downloaded items.

Requires Valhalla Shimmer

Tags: Valhalla , Shimmer