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Turbo Boost for 2CAudio B2 Reverb

Turbo Boost for B2 Reverb - Preset Expansion for B2 Reverb

175 new presets for 2CAudio B2 Reverb

The Categories:

  • Vocal Halls
  • Double Engine Reverbs
  • Hardware Reverbs
  • Low CPU Reverbs
  • Extreme HQ Reverbs
  • Small Spaces
  • Plates
  • Reversed Verbs
  • Classics
  • FX Reverbs
  • Fly Byes
  • Chambers
  • Synth Verbs
  • Guitar Verbs
  • Modulated Reverbs
  • Studios
  • Drums Verbs
  • Single Engine Reverbs
  • Rooms
  • Halls
  • Clubs
  • More

Turbo Boost REVS UP B2 to a new level of spaces not previously available for this fantastic reverb.

Tags: B2 Reverb

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