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2caudio Breeze 2 "Golden" Expansion

"Golden" for 2caudio Breeze 2

For a long time many of us have been looking for a great sounding reverb that offers reasonable CPU usage, Breeze 2 does a good job at both.
Completely 64-bit double-precision process end-to-end and AVX-512 optimization makes it efficient.

But how does it sound?
It sounds great and we took it to its next level.
"Golden" for Breeze 2 was designed to bring the absolute best out of the fine reverb.
Countless hours were spent not only designing these reverbs but also putting them to the test musically.
Designed with the professional studio in mind, we made several categories (21) of reverbs that can quickly be chosen, based on instrument and need.


"Golden" includes 156 HQ reverbs in 21 folders (categories), designed to bring the best quality reverbs from Breeze 2.

Categories include (partial list):

  • Drums Rooms
  • Guitar Rooms
  • Horns
  • Vocal
  • Piano
  • Synth
  • Drum Loops
  • Hardware
  • Tight Spaces
  • Shimmer Verbs
  • Experimental
  • Guitar Chorus Verbs
  • Clubs
  • Springs
  • Wide Spaces
  • More, more more...

All 156 reverbs for Breeze 2 were designed in our pro studio and tested to sound superb not only on individual tracks but also in the mix.
We feel "Golden" includes some of the best sounding reverbs available for Breeze 2.

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