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Studio Tool Kit for Fault

Studio Tool Kit for Unfiltered Audio Fault

Fault is a Stereo Spectral Shifter with some new and exciting capabilities.
It can do a wide assortment of nifty effects.
With its six completely customizable frequency shift feedback paths, it can do a very wide range of effects from the classic to the extreme.
Fault incorporates complex linear and exponential thru-zero FM synthesis as well as two delay lines and a modulation system featuring a direct cable-patching interface.
The sky is the limit.

"Studio Tool Kit" for unfilteredaudio Fault, takes advantage of these amazing capabilities.
The over 200+ professional presets with categories including:

  • Classic Modulation
  • Pseudo Verbs
  • Vocals Fx
  • Guitar Fx
  • Drum Fx
  • Synth Fx
  • Experimental
  • Echoes
  • Harmonized
  • More