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Modulation Toolkit for D16 Godfazer

"Modulation Toolkit" for D16 Godfazer

D16 states that Godfazer is their most powerful modulation effect.
Thats a substantial offering considering what modulation tools they have already released.
Godfazer includes such mod effects as tremolo, chorus, rotary speaker, filter, phaser, or a mix of multiple  Fx for  some spectacular, complex results.

"Modulation Toolkit" cover the full spectrum of what Godfazer is capable of from simple, lush chorus effects, to complex combinations of sound modulators for some tasty ear candy.

The set of 100 presets takes Godfazer to new heights and deep production possibilities.

Suitable for a wide range of instruments, vocals, and styles, "Modulation Toolkit" can get you to some very cool production quickly.