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Pro Mods For D16 Syntorus 2

Pro Mods For Syntorus 2

Syntorus 2 is a very capable effect processor with lots of features.
D16 states, "we set out to create the ultimate analog chorus emulation, inspired by the revered effects found in classic synthesizers such as the Solina String Ensemble, Elka Synthex and Roland Juno-106. "

"Pro Mods" For Syntorus 2 takes that concept to the next level by delivering a preset expansion that includes a large library of modulation effects designed for all kinds of instruments and musical styles.


"Pro Mods" was designed for professional studios and includes a large library of HQ presets.

Many of the presets were designed specifically for individual instruments (Guitar, Vocals, Synths, etc).

Some Styles include ( 115 presets):

Vocal Mods
Guitar Mods
Classic Pedals
Lush Chorus
Organ Mods
Syncopated Mods
Hardware Mods
Panning Mods
Echo Mods
Ambient Mods
Ultra Rich Mods
Warm Mods
Slow Mods

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