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Time Fabric for Eventide H3000 Factory

Time Fabric for Eventide H3000 Factory

Eventide is best known for some fantastic hardware used on countless groundbreaking recordings.
H3000 Factory plug-in compares very favourably to the original hardware and has tremendous capability to do all kinds of great FX.
H3000 Factory includes delays, amplitude modulators, envelope followers, pitch shifters, filters, and low frequency oscillators.
There are also nineteen waveshapes, a white noise generator, MIDI control, and a sidechain input.

"Time Fabric" goes deep into the vast capability that the Eventide H3000 Factory offers.

A broad range of FX are included with a focus on highly usable and practical professional studio presets (over 115+).

Categories include:

  •  Vocal Delays
  •  Vocal Doubling
  •  Vocal Pitch/FX
  •  Vocal Enchantment
  •  Drum Delays
  •  Drum Pitch Changers
  •  Drums Tone Enhancement
  •  Guitar Delays
  •  Guitar Modulation
  •  Vintage Guitar Fx
  •  Analog Tape Emulation
  •  Tape Delays
  •  Quick Tone Changers
  •  Synth FX
  •  Arp Delays
  •  Stereo Enhancement
  •  More
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