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MegaBoost for ValhallaDelay

MegaBoost for ValhallaDelay
(Intro Special - Save on this double sized expansion this week)

 ValhallaDelay is a powerful tool.

It offers seven different delay modes, five tape styles, pitch shifting, multi-head tape echoes and delays lengths up to 20 seconds.

This allows for some awesome ear candy.

 "MegaBoost" for ValhallaDelay is exactly that, a producers tool box of effects.

A massive, over 200 professional presets and 25 new categories, "MegaBoost" brings considerable production power to ValhallaDelay.

Contained is an expansive and very broad range of delays, reverbs, mods, ear candy and a plethora of exciting Fx.


"MegaBoost" revs up ValhallaDelay considerably beyond the factory presets.
This extensive expansion will keep you busy for a very long time to come.

Check out the AUDIO:


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