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"Extraordinary Spaces Vol.2" for Eventide Blackhole.

"Extraordinary Spaces Vol.2" includes over 150 new presets and was designed to complement Vol.1.
We included many new types of reverb presets in Vol. 2 including:

  • Vocal Reverbs
  • Plates
  • Acoustic spaces for bass
  • Arp verbs
  • Guitar verbs
  • Chorused spaces
  • Syncopated delays
  • Delay boxes
  • Hardware style verbs
  • Chambers
  • Harmonic verbs
  • Syncopated reverbs
  • Synth verbs
  • Exotic spaces
  • Ribbon Controller Extreme
  • Resonance verbs
  • Tuned rooms
  • Studio rooms
  • Slow Evolve verbs
  • Reversed verbs
  • More

"Extraordinary Spaces Vol.2" was also meticulously programmed to use the Eventide ribbon controller on nearly every preset for advanced production.