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Pro Expansion Vol.2 for Valhalla VintageVerb

Pro Expansion Vol.2 for Valhalla VintageVerb

We are very proud to release "Pro Expansion Vol.2 for Valhalla VintageVerb".

Vol. 2 takes Pro Expansion to a powerful new level of professional studio production.
-First, it adds over 200+ new presets to the collection for a massive 430+ presets between the versions.
-Second, EVERY preset has been uniquely designed and categorized specifically per instrument.
This means the user can very quickly load presets that correlate exactly to the instruments/vocal being used.
-Third, We designed Vol.2 categories to sit in Valhalla VintageVerb alongside Vol.1 in a clear and precise fashion for ultimate organization.
-Fourth, not only does Vol.2 bring 200+ new and exciting presets to Valhalla VintageVerb, it also brings new categories.
This includes a large collection of presets designed specifically for electronic drums, acoustic instruments, bass guitars and synths.
We also added a tasty collection of "Shimmer verbs" that bring some life to VintageVerb.

Lastly, the new presets have been designed to extend Vol.1 to a more professional level of music production. suitable for professional recording studios as well as the home recording artist.




New Categories:

  •  Drums 2
  •  Guitars 2
  •  Keys 2
  •  Shimmer
  •  Bass
  •  Vocal 2
  •  Acoustic
  •  Electronic Drums

 Review from KVR:
"...If you own VVV, this library is a must have and buying it is nothing but a logical consequence of buying VVV. For its price this package is a total no-brainer. And I'm not talking about the intro offer only. What you get here, the vast amount of well sorted high-quality specialized presets for all kinds of purposes, will save you so much time, you're not gonna regret this buy for the blink of an eye. Not even to talk about the quality of your productions. If you like VVV, you'll love this set.

Rated (10/10), because (11/10) wasn't possible. ;)..."

Vol.1 AUDIO Demos