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Pro Plates Vol.2 for Valhalla Plate

Pro Plates Vol.2 for Valhalla Plate

Pro Plates expansion for Valhalla Plate.
175 professional quality presets

A professional collection of presets (175) that adds all new categories and styles of plate reverbs meticulously designed for Valhalla Plate.
The collection contains a massive 20 folder libraries, one for every preset type.
The categories include:

  • Acoustic Plate
  • Ambient Space
  • Bass Verb
  • Classic Plate
  • Delay
  • Dream Guitar
  • Full Drum Kit
  • Guitar Amp
  • Guitar Plate
  • Kick Drum
  • Modulated
  • Percussion Plate
  • Piano Plate
  • Snare Plate
  • Solo Verb
  • Synth Arp
  • Synth Pad
  • Tight Plate
  • Under the Tunnel
  • Vocal Plate

Pro Plates for Valhalla Plate captures decades of plate reverb styles used on countless classic recordings.


Also included are reverbs specifically designed for instruments.
Included instrument presets:

  •     Guitar
  •     Drums
  •     Vocals
  •     Percussion
  •     Classical Instruments
  •     Synths

Pro Plates Vol.2 for Valhalla Plate is the perfect complement to Vol., bringing 175 NEW and exciting presets to the production table.

 Requires Valhalla Plate