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True Spaces for Relab VSR S24

True Spaces for Relab VSR S24

The TC Electronic System 6000 is considered one of the best sounding hardware reverbs ever made.
It followed some of the classics (lexicon 224Xl, lexcon 480L) yet evolved to the next level of digital reverb.
In the world of computer recording, not many of the "emulations" reach the quality of the original hardware, the Relab VSR S24 comes very close.

"True Spaces" for Relab VSR S24 is an extensive collection of 175 professional quality presets.
These reverbs take full advantage of the true stereo reverb operations and extensive functions that make the VSR S24 so special.

The categories include:

  • European Halls
  • Hardware Reverbs
  • Studio Plates
  • Guitar Closets
  • Skating Rinks
  • Bastments
  • Vocal Booths
  • Ambient Halls
  • Jazz Guitar Verbs
  • Acoustic Venues
  • Chambers
  • Libraries
  • Wooden Spaces
  • Kick Verbs
  • Snare Verbs
  • Tom Verbs
  • Theatres
  • Modulated Spaces
  • Deep Verbs
  • Studios
  • Percussion Rooms
  • Tiled Rooms
  • Classical Solo Verbs
  • Warm Halls
  • Bright Shimmers
  • Pad Verbs
  • String Verbs
  • And the list goes on....

"True Spaces" for Relab VSR S24 offers a very broad range of high quality reverbs.