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Pro Studio Spaces for Relab Sonsig Rev-A

Pro Studio Spaces for Relab Sonsig Rev-A

The Sonsig Rev-A is a tasty mix of new and old.

Relab sums it up best:

"Combining the strengths of various high-end units, like 224XL, QRS etc., modulated by a complete Solina ensemble, results in one of the most complex hybrid structure ever developed."

"Pro Studio Spaces" i
s a collection of 131 professional presets for Sonsig Rev-A.

These presets have been organized in a way to allow the user quick and efficient music producing.

The categories include:

Concert Halls
Bass Verbs
Drum Verbs
Percussion Verbs
Guitar Verbs
Hardware Verbs
Lush Guitars
Shimmer Verbs
Synth Verbs
Ambient Spaces
And More

All 131 presets have been meticulously designed.
We believe the quality speaks for itself.