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VSS3 MegaPack160 Presets For TC Electronic VSS3 HD

VSS3 MegaPack160 For TC Electronic VSS3 HD

This is a massive collection of presets for the VSS3 HD (compatible with VSS3) that was designed over many years.

The presets originally came from the hardware 6000 with additional presets designed with the software for a total of 165 presets.

The TC VSS3 Reverb is still used by many professionals engineers.
Although it has been used on thousands of films, TV shows, albums and countless recordings, the average home studio enthusiast may not be aware of its quality.

The one thing I have heard often is how good it sounds in the mix.
That's the one place that counts the most.

We designed VSS3 MegaPack160 to cover an extremely wide range of professional applications and production styles.