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"Optical Space" for LiquidSonics Illusion

"Optical Space" for LiquidSonics Illusion

In the world of reverb, Fusion-IR technology is relatively new.
Since it appeared in 2016, it has rivaled the sound of some very expensive hardware reverbs while matching the realism of Impulse Responses.

Illusion by LiquidSonics utilizes Fusion-IR technology to achieve high quality and professional reverbs.

So often you hear the question asked, "Well I already have a reverb plugin, why would I need another?".
In this case, Fusion-IR technology combines algorithmic flexibility with impulse response quality.

Our demos demonstrate this powerful combination:

Extensive programming has gone into  "Optical Space" for Illusion.
"Optical Space" includes 130 professional quality reverbs designed for a wide range of production styles and is geared toward the professional recording environment.