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Professional Toolkit for U-he Colour Copy

Professional Toolkit for U-he Colour Copy
Professional Toolkit for U-he Colour Copy
  • Professional Toolkit for U-he Colour Copy
    Colour Copy is a BBD-style analog delay.
    BBD stands for bucket-brigade device which were originally developed in 1969. 
    The name comes from a line of people passing buckets of water as a means to transport quantiles of water efficiently.
    BBD delays had a very interesting sound quality, and considerable capabilities for the time.
    Colour Copy may look simple enough but, with features like dynamic ducking, color morphing, LFO modulation, MIDI note tracking the sonic possibilities are vast.
    "Professional Toolkit" for U-he Colour Copy is a large library (170 presets) that goes deep into the sonic capabilities of this special tool.
    Colour Copy comes with 100 factory presets, "Professional Toolkit" goes into completely unique production territory, nearly tippling the total amount of presets.(170 + 100)
    Lets start with reverb, what is reverb?
    Reverb is made up of dense levels of delays.
    Not only can Colour Copy make some tasty delays, it can also make reverbs, chorus/flange Fx, doubling Fx, and so much more.
    We made "Professional Toolkit" to be very easy to bring professional quality effects to your work flow, by creating 10 Folders of effects, based on the instruments you want processed and types.




Bass Drums Experimental Guitar Key Ctrl Modulation Solo Synth Verbs Vocal

This makes it quick and efficient to pick a category and scroll threw the presets. All presets are deeply programed to offer a vast amount of possibles so you have more time to focus on music making. We also included an entire folder to the Key Control functions which make some amazing effects possible.


 Useful for all bass instruments including electric, acoustic and synth.
 These were designed specifically for drums.
 They cover rhythmic movement and percussive enhancement.
 Well, we had to get out of the box with these since it was possible.
 No aliens were harmed in the making of these presets.
 One of the best things about Colour Copy is how well it works with guitars.
 We wanted to make a set of presets that takes advantage of all the great features that can make guitars shine.
 These include lush modulation, rhythmic delays, cyclic receptive echoes, and a whole lot more.
 Key Control:
 The key control feature opens all kinds of new possibilities in Colour Copy.
 We made extensive presets utilizing this feature.
 To take full advantage of these presets, make sure you have a proper MIDI input as required by your DAW.
 Consult the manual for some info.
 Colour Copy is capable of all kinds of interesting modulation tricks.
 We take this feature to a broad level of production ear candy.
 Feel free to scroll threw the presets and find one that fits your music.
 These presets were designed specifically for solo instruments.
 This includes synths, guitars, any instrument used for soloing.
 Feel free to scroll threw the presets and find one that fits your music.
 These presets were made just for synths but don't be afraid to use any of our presets outside the box.
 We covered broad ground and made these to work with ARPs, pads, and atmospheres but they can work on all kinds of synths.
 Reverbs are made up of lots of delays. These delays become dense and create reverb.
 Colour Copy can be used to create reverbs and thats what we have here.
 These presets were design just for vocals but will also sound good on solos.
 We focused on production styles that have been used countless times by major producers for decades.
 Feel free to also combine reverb with these FX.
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