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Sync Morph for Eventide Blackhole

Sync Morph for Eventide Blackhole

Eventide calls Blackhole the "Extraterrestrial" Reverb.

We have worked with it extensively over the years, releasing several highly acclaimed expansions.

In "Sync Morph" for Eventide Blackhole, we wanted to go deeper into the capabilities of this extraordinary reverb.

"Sync Morph" was a time consuming project, EVERY preset was setup to offer deep morphing that can be automated and instantaneously changed.

This includes tone, modulation, feedback, resonance and feedback.

Then, we made an extensive library of syncopated reverbs, the most extensive one available.
This is a massive time savers for producers and studio engineers.

Furthermore, each syncopated preset is labeled in a detailed fashion which makes complex music production a breeze.

Next, ALL the syncopated presets are also morphed.
This allows some very interesting tone and character shifting on tightly syncopated reverbs that match the exact tempo of your music, a very powerful producers tool.

"Sync Morph" for Eventide Blackhole contains 102 VERY DEEPLY PROGRAMMED presets for Blackhole designed to save you a massive amount of time and make use of the extensive features Blackhole has to offer.