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Pro Presets for Eventide Omnipressor

"Pro Presets" for Eventide Omnipressor

Over the many years, Eventide has been greatly respected  for top notch studio tools.
They offered some of the most classic and ground breaking hardware ever.
This included the Omnipressor originally released in 1972.

The Omnipressor may look simple enough but its capabilities are many.
Originally, many studio engineers found it a bit daunting, after all, it didn't just do compression, it had many more tricks up it's sleeve.

"Pro Presets" for Eventide Omnipressor is all about the broad range of capabilities that professional studio producers found the Omnipressor useful for, some of which were producers tricks keep secret.

"Pro Presets" considerably expands on the factory presets and goes much much deeper into the capabilities that Omnipressor is capable of accomplishing.

The 100 pro quality presets include instrument specific presets for:

Lead and Background Vocals
Mix Bus

Now here is the powerful part, "Pro Presets" cover a very broad range of production techniques (many not cover by the factory presets).

This includes:

A vast collection of Compression presets
NY Compression
NY Limiting
Tape Dynamics
Distressor Compression
Transient Enhancement
Peak Limiting
A Very Large collection of Mix Bus presets

"Pro Presets" for Eventide Omnipressor is by far the most extensive collection of presets for the Omnipressor.