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Polished Districts for Acon Digital Verberate 2

"Polished Districts" for Acon Digital Verberate 2

Verberate 2 was designed to emulate real acoustical environments.
Most reverbs that make this claim can be real CPU hogs and therefore not get used much.
Verberate 2 does not suffer from this problem.

In this new version, some important features were added, the new Vivid Hall algorithm, addition of the dispersion and swirl parameters, and some new EQ functions.

"Polished Districts" utilizes the new features on every preset.
This new expansion was designed specifically for Verberate 2 and takes advantage of ALL the new features Verberate 2 offers.

We believe that "Polished Districts" takes Verberate 2 to a deeper, studio professional level.

Included are a very broad range of categories to cover a plethora of styles and instruments.