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BenderX for Valhalla SpaceModulator50+ Professional Presets for Valhalla SpaceModulatorSpecial BuyDEMOS:..
Extraordinary Spaces Vol.3 for Eventide BlackholeWe are pleased to announce the release of "Extraordinary Spaces" Vol.3 for Eventide Blackhole. Vol. 3 focuses deep on Blackholes tempo and automation capabilities.The largest of the 3 volumes, it includes 170 presets with a plethora of comp..
Harmonic Paradise for MTurboReverb101 Expertly designed presets for MTurboReverb"Harmonic Paradise" is much more then a mere preset expansion, we designed and used all the Impulse Responses used on every reverb for all the early reflections.The result are reverbs that are profoundly rich and uni..
Power House for Valhalla Shimmer Over 225+ New Presets Delivered in four complete preset formats 1. vstpresets 2. fxp 3. tfx 4. aupresets (Total 900+ Presets)  FEATURES:      Delivered in 3 Complete Formats (675 presets)     Large Variety and..
Revolutionary Rooms for Valhalla RoomRevolutionary Rooms, 22 NEW CATEGORIES and over 200 new presets for Valhalla Room. This collection of professional studio quality and producer presets is designed to greatly expand Valhalla Room.-----------------------------------------------------------..
Studio Tool Kit for Unfiltered Audio FaultFault is a Stereo Spectral Shifter with some new and exciting capabilities. It can do a wide assortment of nifty effects. With its six completely customizable frequency shift feedback paths, it can do a very wide range of effects from the classic to th..
Super Lush For Valhalla SupermassiveThis is a special set for Supermassive.The entire set (51 presets) focuses on the new reverb and delay modes added in Version 1.1.1 and 1.2.These spaces are especially lush, modulated, syncopated and dreamy.Want it free?Buy 2 regular sets and add this or one of th..
Velocity X for Valhalla UberMod214 Professional Studio Quality Presets. Deeply exploring UberMod.Some of the preset styles include:Classic hardware Chorus Analog and digital Flange Syncopated Echoes Various reverbs Chorused spaces Vinyl FX Rooms Twisted Delays Tuned P..
"Extraordinary Spaces Vol.2" includes over 150 new presets and was designed to complement Vol.1. We included many new types of reverb presets in Vol. 2 including:Vocal Reverbs Plates Acoustic spaces for bass Arp verbs Guitar verbs Chorused spaces Syncopated delays Delay boxes ..
"Optical Space" for LiquidSonics IllusionIn the world of reverb, Fusion-IR technology is relatively new. Since it appeared in 2016, it has rivaled the sound of some very expensive hardware reverbs while matching the realism of Impulse Responses.Illusion by LiquidSonics utilizes Fusion..
"Professional Acoustics" for Valhalla RoomReverb in the professional recording studio is a tool used by all major music producers. There is an art to the use of reverb.One of the lessor known techniques is the use of small spaces to both color a track and give it some transparent space. ..
Professional Ambiance for Exponential Audio PhoenixVerbOver 180 Professional Studio Quality Reverbs for Exponential Audio PhoenixVerb.PhoenixVerb, used by many leading producers and audio engineers.The "Professional Ambiance" Preset collection brings world-class production to your studio..
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