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AudioThing Noises Sample And Presets

AudioThing Noises Sample And Presets

Bliss Noise For AudioThing Noises
New Samples and Presets For AudioThing Noises

AudioThing Noises is one fun plugin, but its capable of making some very interesting sounds.
We designed a new expansion called "Bliss Noise" that includes both a new sample bank and 50 presets that use these new samples exclusively.

Sound Design:

The core of this library relies on a completely new sample library that was designed specifically for AudioThing Noises.
We used a ton of cool gear which includes, synths, distortion, harmonic generators, effects, filters, resonators, and of course noise.

We also designed these samples to be able to flow between each other, harmonically, to allow the creation of endless possibilities that will always work musically.


The 50 presets exclusively use the new sample content and include a wide range of sonic madness.
These presets are unique from the factory presets and go deeper into the etheric side of AudioThing Noises.

We think you will approve.