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Classic Springs for AudioThing Springs

Classic Springs for AudioThing Springs

Spring reverb is all about retro.
I remember when I got my first hardware digital reverb, it was great but I quickly missed some of the quality's of the spring reverb I had been using (included in Spring).
For some things, spring reverb is just very cool.

"Classic Springs" for Audio Thing Springs is a very extensive collection of presets for this fine plugin.

AUDIO/VIDEO (enable JavaScript) "Classic Springs" used for all reverbs:

Its not simply just about expanding the amount of presets, its about the production techniques used specifically for spring reverbs.

"Classic Springs" takes advantage of the many features including, Baxandall EQ, compression, drive , emphasis, and other features available to give you a powerful expansion that gets the most out of this great reverb.

"Classic Springs" includes 101 new presets arranged for efficient studio production to save you time in the studio.