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Light Years for Adaptiverb

Light Years for Adaptiverb

Adaptiverb is an interesting new reverb. it has some sonic capabilities that previously took several tools to achieve.
Not only can Adaptiverb make some very stellar reverbs, it can also extend, morph, or even be used as an instrument.

These considerable sonic possibilities have been explored for your production convenience.
The result is:
Light Years for Adaptiverb

Light Years contains over 200 professional quality presets for Zynaptiq Adaptiverb.

Adaptiverb, the harmonic tracking resynthesis reverb, differs from traditional reflection-based acoustic room modeling.
The goal is a reverb free from harshness or graininess due to its Bionic Sustain Resynthesizer.

"Light Years" goes deep into Adaptiverbs ray tracing reverb, harmonic contour filter, cross-filtering, pitch processing and synthesis capabilities.
The results are an extensive and unique collection of presets that reflect both our unique sensibilities and Adaptiverbs considerable and musical capabilities.

The 200+ presets in "Light Years" span 12 categories and offer a broad range of reverbs suitable for any style of music production.
Also included is a complete collection of drones that could only be created in Adaptiverb that showcase some advanced tweaking.