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Classic Verbs for Fabfilter PRO-R

Classic Verbs for Fabfilter PRO-R

As Fabfilter writes:

"FabFilter Pro-R takes a musical approach to reverb, offering user-friendly, non-technical controls like Brightness, Character and Distance to achieve the reverb sound you are looking for — without requiring a degree in reverb science."

The beauty is that, due to the ability PRO-R has to manipulate the Decay Rate AND contains an additional Six-band Post EQ, very powerful tonal shaping is possible.

This brings a very useful capability to manipulate instruments/vocals in the mix that would otherwise be slow and cumbersome.

"Classic Verbs" bring a collection of very complex reverbs to PRO-R designed to help the user "place" instruments and vocals very specifically in the mix based on tonal characteristics.

"Classic Verbs" includes a massive 200+ reverb spaces that includes:

  • Small Rooms
  • Studios
  • Guitar Amp Rooms
  • Percussion Rooms
  • Vocal Rooms
  • Booths
  • Halls
  • Plates
  • Chambers
  • Concert Halls
  • More